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Our advantages

  • Good reputation, backed by thousands of parental feedback.
  • 24 countries and 180 cities wide geography
  • Top 10 best children's franchises according to
  • Over 95 courses for children from 5 years old
  • Top 100 EdTech companies Russia and CIS countries
  • Practitioner educators IT professionals who have passed a rigorous selection process
  • Project based training 90% of training - practice
  • TOP 5 best franchises in Russia in the category "Child development and education" - 2023 according to TopFranchise
  • TOP 30 best franchises in Russia in the IT business category - 2023 according to TopFranchise
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School history

Oksana Selendeyeva, the school's founder, has never before engaged in either programming or business, but her belief in herself and her project (and a mere 200,000 roubles of seed money) enabled her in 2016 to open CODDY.

I was inspired to create the modular system by the experience of of a public school in San Francisco, whose students form an individual educational trajectory.

Our Partners

Franchisee testimonials

“The main advantage of the CODDY franchise is the opportunity to get a clear vector of the school’s development, while having the opportunity to realize your own views on the project. ... Read more
Alena Lisovenko
Partner, Ust-Kamenogorsk (Ukraine)
“I have been carefully choosing a franchise for my city. Compared the terms of cooperation, financial investments, risks, service. I went to neighboring cities to see how the business wo ... Read more
Alexander Zaborsky
Partner, Tyumen (Russia)
Feedback for potential partners. At Coddy School, we have a mission. It's not just a company chasing money, no. Everyone involved in the organization or learning at Coddy experiences pe ... Read more
“The beginning was common, I was looking for a programming school for my children, there was not a single one nearby. Since I am an IT-employee with experience, the need to give my child ... Read more
Anastasia Shevchenko
Partner, Noginsk, Electrostal (Russia)
“It all started with the fact that after the next business trip on Sunday morning, I heard on the radio a story about studying in Minecraft. This interested me, since I myself am a fathe ... Read more
Andrey Feschenko
Partner, Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
“We are very pleased with the cooperation with the international Coddy school! The material in the training manual is clear and structured, the employees with whom we had contact ... Read more
Anna Agafonova
Partner, Kiev (Ukraine)
“The city of Ekaterinburg has been in the CODDY team since 2019. It’s a pleasure to work! Thanks to the head office for helping with promotion, promotional materials, conducting training ... Read more
Anna Edigarieva
Partner, Ekaterinburg (Russia)
«Сoddy burst into our lives completely unexpectedly! After talking with my five-year-old daughter, I decided that she would be interested in learning code for kids. I began to Google in ... Read more
Arthur Kukuy
Partners, New York (USA)
“I’m quite satisfied with the cooperation. I will highlight the main advantages: + Actual and diverse products + Flexible collaboration scheme + Great freedom of action + ... Read more
Ilnur Ishberdin
Partner, St. Petersburg (Russia)
“This planet cannot be stopped. Gadgets tightly entered our world, and people are ready to enter the IT world at any age, there are no age limits. But, unfortunately, with all the ... Read more
Julia Meshcheryakova
Partner, Belgorod-Dniester, Odessa, Chernomorsk (Ukraine)
“It all started with the dream of creating a place where every child could realize their potential, believe in their abilities! The school of programming and digital creativity is ... Read more
Julia Mikhailova
Partner, Aprelevka (Russia)
“I can’t say that this year was simple for CODDY Netanya, we changed addresses, looked for teachers, gathered children, went online. But it’s nice that CODDY Moscow has always been suppor ... Read more
Larisa Zimina
Partner, Netanya (Israel)
“I met Oksana Selendeeva and CODDY in the fall of 2018. My youngest son was 8 months old, I was on maternity leave. At some point, I stumbled upon an advertisement from one of the progra ... Read more
Margarita Zhukova
Partner, Voronezh (Russia)
“CODDY is something that I haven’t regretted for a single day since I made my choice. No, this does not mean that you can sit and work will be carried out magically. This is a tremendous dai ... Read more
Maria Karachevskaya
Partner, Simferopol (Russia)
“We are programmers by ourselves, we are interested in improving our skills and improving the knowledge of our children, and so the direction of our interests became clear. We studied wha ... Read more
Marina Serebrova
Partner, Perm (Russia)
“Acquaintance with CODDY didn’t begin with the purchase of a franchise at all. My daughter expressed a desire to practice oratory in the summer. And so it turned out that we began our ac ... Read more
Natalya Panferova
Partner, Moscow (Russia)
“CODDY school is not just a business, but a project that develops all participants in the process. The school’s mission of “turning great people into outstanding developers” requires gre ... Read more
Olga and Polina
Partners, Moscow (Russia)
“I joined the CODDY team in the fall of 2019. I really like this project for its relevance, communication with interesting people, and for working on various programs. CODDY is a large an ... Read more
Olga Koval
Partner, Moscow (Russia)
“In the summer of 2019, my wife and I decided to open a children's programming school. We analyzed the market for a long time and stopped at the CODDY programming school. And we were not ... Read more
Pavel Brykalov
Partner, Stavropol (Russia)
About two years ago, I left the sphere of activity in which I worked for 15 years, I started looking for options for my business. There were many franchise offers. In a couple of months ... Read more
Reef Shagimardanov
Partner, Moscow (Russia)
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